Nigeria National League Reminders On Covid -19 Protocols.

The Nigeria National League has again emphasized the importance of its forty six clubs adhering strictly to existing Covid-19 guidelines and the need to ensure a revalidation of test result of players and officials submitted to it after one month.

In a latest Communication to the clubs and in keeping with the directives of the Nigeria Football Federation Covid-19 Task Force led by Shehu Gusau, the NNL declared it will place on hold any match involving clubs who fail to comply with the Covid-19 protocols .

The NNL Clubs are reminded as follows:

1.           That all matches are to be played strictly under closed doors and the state football associations are charged to ensure compliance.

2. Only accredited person(s) with their face masks are permitted to enter the stadium in any NNL match

3. Players of both teams and officials are to march to the field of play separately and not side by side.

4. Not more than seven (7) club’s technical crew are allowed to sit on the reserve bench during a match

5. The rule of social distancing must be maintained in all seating arrangements, both on the reserve bench and seating pavilion.

6. That temperature screening must be carried out at every entry point of the stadium and hand sanitizers made available by the host State Football Association.

7. The provision of a functional Ambulance at every match venue.

8. In one of the steps towards checking Corona virus, the NNL also reiterated that there will be NO Ball boys during the league games, balls will be strategically placed at various angles of the field during a game.

That clubs are allowed a staggered maximum number of five (5) substitutions rather than three (3) in each match of the NNL for the 2020/2021 season.

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