NNL Boss, George Aluo Appeals To Corporate Bodies To Sponsor The League

Chairman of the Nigerian National League George Aluo has appealed to corporate bodies and individuals to embrace the League because of its unique nature in the country’s football development.

Aluo who spoke to journalists in Abuja on Thursday said the League remains the most important League in the country, because it is the only league that take teams from both the Nigeria Premier League and Nigeria Nationwide League.

“This is how important the league is, and deserves all the special attentions from corporate sponsors”.

Aluo took time to outline some of the achievements recorded in the first stanza of league, saying that they will intensify efforts to make the league comparable to what is attain in other leagues world wide.

Quoting his words, the veteran journalist said, “we have zero percent tolerance for hooliganism and the ones we have noticed, were dealt with immediately. Referees indemnities were taken care of promptly, the teams are doing well because they have very conducive environment to play the matches”.

He said in the second stanza of the league which will start in the first week of March, they will continue to monitor the league, and ensure that only best will emerge to join the NPFL at the end of season.

“Our teams are doing well, and that is why we are appealing to various sponsors to embrace the league for the future of our football development. Because, it is only when the League is growing that the national teams will perform well” he concluded.

The Chief Operating officer of the league body Ayo Abdulrahaman further gave a statistical analysis of the first stanza of the 2023/2024 League Season, saying that out of the 193 matches that were played in the first stanza, 383 goals were scored with an unprecedented 27 away wins and 45 away draws.

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